Memes in Thailand

Originally, I do not know what the Meme is until I saw examples of Meme in the presentation. I used to see a lot of them in international websites, but I do not know that we call them Memes. Then, I realized that I used to see some of them in Thai internet culture also.

In Thailand, Memes are quite rare; furthermore, I have never seen any Lolcat. We have no terms to described those kind of pictures. One of my friend simply called them “9GAG’s joke”. We only see them and enjoy. On the other hand, we correctly understand the term Infographics, and it is really popular in Thailand.

As I know, Memes were first promoted to Thai internet culture via the Facebook page 9GAG in Thai. The page was established on December 27, 2011, with the purpose to disseminate international jokes to Thai people. Now, the page has around 1.3 million likes. The Meme culture was first introduced by the translated Memes from the 9GAG website. The translator had to edit jokes to match Thai sense of humor as well as Thai culture. After that, the page administrator encouraged visitors to post their own Memes on the page.

According to the Facebook statistic, the most popular age group of the 9GAG in Thai page is 18-24 years old. That could be a reason that most of Thai Memes are related to school life and teenager hobbies. Let’s see how Thai Memes looks like below.

Actually, we are selling the air.

Chips in the bag are extra bonus.

1378862_460871424017416_1836226481_nIs the next class Math?

Let’s walk slower.

1380071_460124360758789_1982669441_nHave you ever tried to borrow your friend a pen?

Then, he said he had only one.

I got B as the answer.

But it looks strange, let’s choose the C.

1233564_458756847562207_2137501491_nIt is not easy.

to avoid chatting about the exam after I leave the exam room.

1383102_594856920556797_617726496_nWas your team got the same score as our team last night? LOL

As your team failed to get into the next tournament, you have no right to complain.

604166_485488498158087_454639771_nComputer games  is always the cause of bad behaviors.

Those soap operas has never been the cause.


7 thoughts on “Memes in Thailand

  1. Thank you for this post. What a wonderful cross-cultural comparison! While I don’t necessarily “get” the references for the jokes, I do appreciate how formulaic humor is even in different cultures. Thanks again! =) Just curious … do people use texting acronyms like “laugh out loud” (lol) in Thai?

    • For LOL, we simply use “555” or “5555+”. We pronounce the number 5 as “haa” so people can read it like “ha ha ha”.
      We do have some standard acronyms for something such as the word “street”, “hospital”, or “Kilogram”. You can find them in Thai dictionary. People may use them if the need to. But we don’t really have texting acronyms for general phrases like “brb”, “asap”, or “fyi”. We do shorten some words without standard acronym. Usually, they came from colloquialism. We shorten them by picking one or a few stressed syllables. For example, the word university, we say only “u” or America we say only “me-ca”.

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  3. Before Tech637 whenever I saw memes, I always though they were stupid and could not really understand why people liked them so much. It’s not that I had a change of heart towards them today, but I have understood and learnt more about them

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