Knowledge from bloggers in long tail

As we discussed about long tail, individual bloggers, in social media content creation in the class. I have learnt that the long tail usually gets low number of participants, but there may create a niche that shares common interest.

At first, I am not quite clear about how could the niche happen. If I write a blog about a specific thing, will people that interesting in that topic find it out? I have just discovered a real life example to confirm that it is not that hard for the niche to happen.

I have just finished my Master study for a few months. Then, like a week ago, I got an email from LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. It said they found my work on the Purdue library and would like to publish my work with their publishing house. However, I found that it is an on demand publishing, so I ignored it. Nevertheless, they still sent me the follow up email. It made me curious about this publisher so I googled it.

I found several blog posts suggesting people to avoid this publisher. The blog with the best clarification to me is β€œLambert Academic Publishing Continues to Spam” posted my Christopher Collins . There were also 36 more comments on his blog post sharing the similar experience with this publisher or asking about other publishers. Yes, he is one in the long tail. However, he created a niche just from his shared experience. And I believed that a lot of those people have never known him before like me.

What I have learnt is the truth about knowledge spread in social media. The large amount of knowledge in the blogosphere could come from individual bloggers. The knowledge could be their direct experience, their research, or even their shared opinion. Moreover, today search engine is powerful enough to bring people with the same interest together. Consequently, I you have some great idea or experience that you would like to share, don’t hesitate to post it and they will find it out.


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